“Homeowner Association of The Sumitomo Reality & Development Victims” is organized by those encountered inconveniences from their contracts (New construction, Remodeling) with Sumitomo Reality & Development Co. Ltd., one of the largest real estate developers in Japan.

The association is dedicated to collecting real hands-on experiences from the victims and sharing such information with homeowners to help them reaching favorable settlements for ongoing conflicts against this giant. As a homeowner, you may face issues such as

  • No delivery on time
  • Failure to meet the construction specifications as contracted
  • Negative response to the requests for repair (including inexecution of the repair services)
  • Harassment from the intimidating comments by the contractor encouraging homeowners to sue if not satisfied

Unfortunately, it is often the case that the homeowners are vulnerable to Sumitomo Reality & Development who takes advantage of their profound knowledge and power. That is why we are here for you.

Based on the opinion of our group at the present stage, we advise people who are having trouble with Sumitomo Realty & Development to try and find solutions through dialogue with the company, as far as possible. While the word “sue” is bound to arise in anyone’s mind in the event of trouble, the instigation of a suit driven by emotion will end up imposing a heavy economic and mental burden on the building owner.

If, however, the company refuses to comply with repeated requests and negotiations with it unfortunately break down, the owner will have no choice but to engage the services of an architect and a lawyer. It would be no exaggeration to say that the success or failure of the suit will depend on the architect and lawyer engaged. We believe that it is important to engage an architect and a lawyer that have plenty of experience in building-related suits and can be trusted, as far as possible. Our group aspires to help victims find a shortcut to solution by sharing the knowledge of parties who have had actual experience of such matters.

A home is not something ordinarily purchased multiple times over in a lifetime. For this very reason, we invite anyone having trouble with Sumitomo Realty & Development to work with us in the search for approaches to a satisfactory solution. In addition, the story of your experience may also rescue some other victims. Please do not hesitate to reach us through the contacts below or our inquiry form.